Free Printouts

This page contains a few useful things to download and print for free.

Piano Notefinder

Cut the piano notefinder out and put it behind the piano keys so you can see the names of the notes.

Piano notefinder


The wallcharts are for handy reference when practicing, whether on the wall or anywhere else.

Piano wallchart

Piano wallchart - small

Guitar wallchart

Matchups Generator

Matchups are where you join the correct answers together with a pencil, or join the note on the stave to the right note on the keyboard and so on. They're a fun activity and kids really enjoy them, so here you can create them. Just choose the one you want and say how many pages and the program generates them randomly.

Right Hand Notes C-G
Left Hand Notes F-C
Grand Staff F3-G4
Treble Clef C-C
Bass Clef C-C
Note Values 2 Column
Note Values 3 Column
Note Values 4 Column
Dynamics 2 Column
Dynamics 3 Column
Basic Musical Terms
Grade 1 Musical Terms
Guitar Strings 1-3
Guitar Strings 4-6

Number of pages: